APPRAISAL REVIEW provides free appraisal review, a life saver for home buyers.

Finally a way to get some help with the appraisal process and give your clients peace of mind, with a free appraisal review from a licensed appraiser. Steve Wiese is an appraiser in S/E Michigan. His company is Appraisal map Inc. based in Farmington Hills, Michigan where he has been working in real estate and doing residential appraisals for almost 30 years. Wiese sees 2 big problems and he's trying to solve them. First of all, in today's competitive market buyers often have to act fast which results in them making offers on homes where they have not fully considered the market, and second and more important, if a problem arises with their appraisal often buyers and realtors don't have anywhere to turn to resolve it. The site helps with both of these problems by encouraging site users to exercise a minimum of market due diligence by requiring them to look at 10 homes, and view 10 home buying tips and definitions to be eligible for an appraisal review on a home that they are buying or selling. Wiese's company will provide a review of the appraisal as long as the home buyer has met the previous due diligence requirements, he does this with a new website called is a mobile website that has been created to help consumers in the real estate market become better informed.  provides a free appraisal review for consumers who are actively engaged in buying or selling a home, all they have to do is rate 10 homes! They do not have to actually go inside but at a minimum must drive by. The site works across all platforms including, smart phones, ipads, tablets and desk top computers. Only the properties actually seen by the home buyer or seller are eligible for the free review. Appraisal reviews can help realtors and home buyers in disputes of market value, confirm data accuracy, and give a second opinion to help give buyers and realtors peace of mind. Meeting the system requirements results in consumers having an increased level of market knowledge. In the current market there is not a lot of inventory every deal is one you can't afford to lose, that goes for buyers, sellers, lenders and especially realtors. The knowledge gained using, and the extra peace of mind an appraisal review can provide, will result in a more satisfied and successful experience for all involved. 

The site is FREE and is LIVE in all 50 states, consumers can start today.

We reward consumers for being better informed!