Place a home on the site yourself or select a home from your favorite  real estate search such as Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, Yahoo and the  like. Push the LOVE, LIKE or LEAVE buttons within 100 feet of a home for  sale on the site and leave a comment if you wish. One button  push/rating per home for sale. Rating the stipulated amount of homes for  sale makes you eligible to receive one of several discounts, perks or  offerings to aid you in the home buying and selling process. Products  and services such as Appraisals, Home Inspection, Home Warranty, Credit  Reports among other home buying products and services are available.  Check the rewards page for the most current offerings. Buyers, sellers and  realtors who have looked at multiple homes for sale in a given market  demonstrate greater knowledge when making decisions about the purchase  or sale of a home. The market knowledge gained from driving by multiple  homes for sale will greatly improve the chances that a buyer or seller  will be satisfied with their home purchase and the new neighborhood they will live in. 

We reward consumers for being better informed!

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